3 Reason Why You Should Change Your School From Public To International

3 Reason Why You Should Change Your School From Public To International

In many cities, public schools aren’t well funded and lack facilities, which prompts parents to take their kids to international and private schools. Although international schools come with their own set of challenges, here are reasons why they are still better than public schools in some countries.

There is a low student to teacher ratio

The number of students in a class is about 30 to 40 in public schools so that you can expect low engagement between students and teachers. But, in international schools, students’ ratio to teachers is lower, giving students extra care. This means your child won’t be left behind or be left to figure things out on their own when concepts are challenging.

Offers internationally recognized curriculum

Public schools offer the primary school standard curricula and standard secondary curriculum. International schools offer different and more recognized curricula than their public school counterparts. For instance, your child will learn the Cambridge IGCSE and International Baccalaureate offered in international schools in Kuala Lumpur.

They offer a Well-rounded education

There is less engagement between teachers and students in public school, and they have been accused of focusing more on exam-based assessments. In international schools, learning focuses on personal development that allows each student to grow into an all-rounded individual who can connect with the community, world, and themselves.

The choice is yours but consider the benefits of switching your kid from public to international school. It might be expensive, but worth every coin as you see the development and achievements.

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