what is SMO (social media optimization)?

what is SMO (social media optimization)?

The use of social media sites such as Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter has increased considerably in recent years and sites like these are now an essential part of an online marketing campaign. In addition, a blog is a powerful business tool and the importance of ‘engagement’ with your target market is something that cannot be ignored.


SMO This is known as social media optimization, it is similar to search engine optimization. Smo deals with all those things done to promote a website. This is done by targeting social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. The SMO aims to generate traffic to the website by creating promotional activities on social sites and optimizing the website and its content and graphic design in a way that the visitor finds attractive. And making it popular on social media. Smo activities also include blogging and typing reviews to create a good public image.

So social media optimization is creating a website using eye-catching graphics, banners, a powerful content and some video clips that keep people glued to our website and get them to meet again and link and engage our website in activities Motivates to do.

SMO also helps us rank in Google search results and if someone has posted a bad review for our website then with the help of Smo it ensures that negative feedback will not be the first link to our website.

According to one source, some rules of smoke marketing are as follows

  • Increase your engagement
  • Make tagging and bookmarking easy
  • Reward incoming links
  • Help your content “travel” through sharing
  • Encourage mashups where users are allowed to remix content
  • Be a user resource, even if it doesn’t help you (eg, providing resources and information for users)
  • Reward useful and valuable users
  • Participate (Join online conversation)
  • Learn to target your audience
  • Unique, quality content.
  • The tone and style of the posts are real.
  • Do not forget your roots; To be civilized
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment, innovate, try new things, and “stay new”
  • Develop SMO strategy
  • Choose Your SMO Strategy
  • Make SMOs an important part of your marketing process and develop company best practices

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